Hey There!


Thanks for checking out my site!

Here is a bunch of info so you can get to know me better:

-I'm originally Dutch, people say I sound English cause I lived in the UK forever but these days I call Australia my home. Melbourne, to be precise. In reality though, I live everywhere as I tour the world with my hula hoops in Big tops, Spiegeltents, Arena's, Cruise ships, Theatres, Speakeasy's, and I once performed in a surgery theatre! If you don't find me in any of those places you will most definitely find me on the street with my street show.

-I started hula hooping so I could be part of a traditional circus in India. That's a true story. The real magic happened for me though when I started street performing in London in front of the London Eye. I will always be a street performer and in the last 12 years I have performed my show all over the place. You name it, i've hooped there! Las Vegas, Dubai, Singapore, Vancouver, Christchurch... I love being part of street theatre festivals and they are my true happy place.

-i've studied at two circus schools. One in Rio de Janeiro (ENDC) and one in London. (NCCA) I actually have a degree in circus arts. That's a real thing, believe it or not!

-I have these beautiful LED hula hoops that change colours & patterns to the music. I perform this act at corporate gala's, product launches, weddings and shopping events. I also used these hoops as part of a TEDx talk that I gave in Binghamton, New York in 2015. Check out the talk in my video section, I explain a lot about my crazy life.

-Hula Hooping is not all I do! I perform a variety of skills including (but not limited to!) Contortion, Magic, Clowning and even Aerial hoop! I love creating new acts and sketches specifically for shows and when I'm working with a cast in productions I even sing and dance. Just don't make me ride a unicycle. Please, (no really.)

-I've hula hooped for brands such as Harrods, Formula 1, Benefit, Vodafone & Absolut, for celebrities the likes of Stephen Fry, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Oliver & Samuel L Jackson and for companies like Livenation, Rock In Rio, Circus Oz & La Soiree. My mum and dad once came to see my show and they told me they were really proud of me.

-I'm passionate about Live music and videography. If you want to work with me on a music or video project, please contact me as I love collaborating on projects like this.

-YES, I teach workshops! I usually try to slot these in around my tour schedule around the world. If you are a hula hooper and you want me to come and teach in your city, please check my tour section and get in touch with me. I'm always up for spreading the love.

-Enjoy browsing my site, please fill out the contact form if you want to work with me or come and check me out when I am performing somewhere near you!